Why do I read cards?
As a teenager, I would pore over astrology books and predictions in all sorts of magazines and papers. And of course I read and re-read Linda Goodman. The tarot readings however, always held some special attraction for me. One fine day, I went and bought a book with tiny cut out cards. A couple of months later, I bought my first proper deck- Rider Waite.

So why do I read cards? We all in some ways or the other share our set of happiness and sorrow. We all go through similar phases in life- being naive, growing up, struggling in our careers, falling in love....Somewhere we have our collective unconscious. Look into the Bhagvad Gita or the Principles of the Kabbalah or teachings of Buddhism. They are similar in so many ways. They all propogate the pinciples of cause and effect, of masculine and feminine and so on. Why and how? Do we have a common learning across the world and time? Can we learn from this? I think we can. And so I read the cards.

Can tarot predict the future?
Of course, the reason most of us read cards is to help know what might happen in our lives. I am no different. I think of a question amd pick cards and then interpret them to the best of my ability. Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong.

I believe what a tarot spread tells us is the most likely future given our current set of beliefs and actions. By changing these, we have the ability to change our future. I firmly believe we can do that.