June 30, 2010

Purple Box Thoth Deck

I had been searching for a Thoth deck since over a year but with no success. In India, most bookstores carry varions of Rider Waite or popular decks like Osho-Zen. I finally lucked with Flipkart.com (a website to order books In India). I have ordered several books now and am very pleased with them.

Onto the Thoth deck:

With various versions and confusion about size and color I was not sure what to expect. But since I was not going to lose this chance I just went ahead. First the ISBN number of the deck is 0880793082. Most sites mention the box size which is useless. The cards are medium in size measuring 7 X 11 cm. I have been using my cards over the last month and like it. (they are smaller than my Mythic deck and maybe someday I buy the larger size but for now this is fine)

The card stock is of good quality and so is the print. The colors are bright and stand out. My brother (who does not read cards) was also very fascinated and said that they are beautiful to look at. The deck comes with three Magnus cards and a small booklet.

If you are trying to figure out which print version of the Thoth you want to purchase check out the below site. It tells you exactly what to expect from which print...

Choosing between the various Thoth deck prints

June 29, 2010

Exercise 7: First Impressions of Suit of Swords

Went over my last set of suits, the Swords yesterday and noted down my first thoughts on the cards.

Ace of swords
- clarity of mind and objectivity
- honesty and justice

Two of swords: Peace
- momentary relief
- two equal powers at rest

Three of swords: Sorrow
- cruelty
- heartache

Reading: Is this love? Will he, won't he?

Question: Gautami was looking to understand how her relationship with a friend might evolve, specially will her friend commit? They know each other quite well but are unable to committ due to various reasons.

Spread and Interpretation:

The presence of 4 major arcana cards and an ace clearly point out to the fact that they have significant presence and influence in each others lives. The hermit for her implies digging deep into herself to first understand "what is it she really wants" and then using logic and will to act in a clear headed manner. The Aeon for him implies reinventing and starting anew from a point which is re-emphasized by death which implies significant changes in his life in the coming 2-3 months. They have a romantic connection between them which is pure. While she deals with her own struggles (internal) and he deals with the changes outside (external) they should keep hope and faith about their relationship. They should also realize that it will be best if they "rise up from the petty issues" and start seeing the big picture.

June 10, 2010

Exercise 6: First Impression of Suit of Wands

My third suit of learning card meanings and noting my first impressions of the cards, I moved on to the suit of wands. I have been feeling the need to get a little more energy into my actions as lately I think I have been too emotional and a pushover?? :(

Ace of wands
- made me think of stampeding rams the flames reminding me of horns which seem to be saying " make way for us...we are coming!"

Two of wands: Dominion
- establishing control and power and being victorious in the process

Three of wands: Virtue
- making plans for future
- showing the softer side of aggression

June 6, 2010

Exercise 5: Entering the Art Card (MKG)

Entering a card: From Tarot for Personal Transformation , Chapter 1

I went through all the major arcana cards and picked out the Art (XIV) to enter as it pulled me the most. I observed the card for sometime before closing my eyes and imaging that I had entered it and was "in" it seeing what is happening and interacting with those in the card. My observations....

I saw... a large old fashioned kitchen with wooden roof slats and big iron pots on fire. There are iron spoons and stirers hanging off hooks. There are pods of garlic and some green tendrils. A leopard and vulture, quite harmless and friendly are roaming about. A lady is busy mixing into one of the pots while others are simmering.

It smelt of...herbs, mostly of ginger with some honey. The smell was strong and not particularly sweet. I heard...soft noises from the leopard and vulture. The lady was chattering and busy mixing. It was... warm and sunny. I could not make out the weather as we were indoors but it was probably a warm winter afternoon with the sun shining bright.

I touched... the iron pots while helpng to mix with large wooden spoons the thick brew inside. I was gifted... a cup of the drink  with the message to.. to live life with love and what might seem harmful or unpleasasnt might turn out to be quite freindly. The gift had qualities of... acceptance, love, hard work and cheerfullness. 

An affirming statement... as I mix love and light into life, friends and relations will welcome it with warmth.  

Reading: Next six months for business project

Question: How are the next three months for the business project (fty)?


June: Two of cups
July: Two of swords
August: Queen of cups

June should go well. You will feel the need to make some decisions in July and you might be confused which way to take. August will seem to flow by and you might feel that things are a bit out of your control.

June 4, 2010

Reading: Relationship in 3D

Question background: A friend of mine is happily married but some isues have come up now and are troubling her. She asked me for a reading for understanding their relationship. I have done this as an online reading from newagestore. I copy-pasted the phrases which caught my attention and then tried to interpret it from my side.

Spread and interpretation:     

The situation or issue is a major one is the life of the couple and sometime they will have to make a descision around it. The querent's husband appears to be in a peaceful and happy state of mind and views the relationship positively. The issues seem more from the side of the querent. It appears that she is confused about what is the correct course of action and knows that a firm decision needs to be made. Many cards like the Tower, Seven of Swords and Lovers indicate changes in life out of choices made. The querent should seek strength from her inner self and rely on her husband as he is loyal and steadfast.        

June 2, 2010

Exercise 4: First impressions of the suit of cups

Continuing with my exercise of learning card meanings and noting my first impressions of the cards, I moved on to the suit of cups.

Ace of cups
- channeling of all emotions
- an explosive aura filling up life with love and light

Two of cups: Love
- harmonious love in synchrony and perfect coordination
- beauty in balance, all colors coming together peacefully

Three of cups: Abundance
- joy and celebration from growth
- happiness to be enjoyed together