July 30, 2010

I feel..."Six of Wands"

I was feeling a bit low. Just a bit. So i decided I would pull one card and just write what it makes me feel now. I pulled....

I feel the time has come for talents to be recognized. To move forward. The old of of life just isn't good enough anymore. I think we are ready and set for the next leap. Its due now. The man in the card for me represents my better half. The green color prosperity. This card, I suppose is both our wish and hope for now.

July 28, 2010

Reading: "When?" is the operative word

When will I go for my holiday? Get a pay hike :)? When....?

When I do tarot readings, of course I want to know if things will happen but most times I also want to know when. So I tried a couple of spreads to figure out the when. Simple 3 card readings to tell me if the event would happen and when.

Question 1: Scope of a new career opportunity for MM?

My initial interpretation: Well, there are some conflicts on at the moment. Nothing major but minor things you need to get sorted out before the "big jump". And the Knight of Pentacles with the Queen say there will be one. When? Not very soon as Pentacles is a slow suit. But with the Knight it won't be too slow either. The Knight will bring the good news and the Queen will help settle things by December.

Feeback from Taroteon: Since V of wands rules July 22 to Aug 1 and Knight of Pentacles August 12 -Sep11, chances of an important event in August are very high.

July 20, 2010

The Chariot from Bhagvad Gita

I have been reading some extracts from the Bhagvad Gita lately. The Bhagvad Gita is essentially a discourse given by Lord Krishna to his friend and disciple Arjun who is about to go to war with his cousins and he extremely upset about it.

This picture reminded me of the Chariot card in the Tarot. More so, the description of the above picture.

The chariot in itself represents our body, the rider us, the horses are our senses and the bridle our mind with which we control our senses. The battleground is our heart. Also, here Krishna is telling Arjun (the rider) that he must not be emotional and do the duty of a warrior, fight for victory.

July 7, 2010

Are second thoughts = hedging ?

Intution and gut feeling is what we should go by in tarot readings. Most of agree on that. But arn't there times when you look into the card for a few more seconds a tiny frown appears on your face? The card could mean the other way round too. And when we do that are we just trying to balance and be on the safe side? Let me take an example from a recent reading I just did.

I am practicing one card readings. So I did one last night on whether it was going to rain today? It had been raining since the last two days. (ok, I know this is not earth shattering stuff). My card?
Two of wands from the Thoth deck.

My immediate reaction: Nopes, it is going to be scorchingly sunny
My second thoughts: Peering more into the card, the tiny blue specks in the middle somehow caught my fancy and I figured , yeah maybe a bit
Third thoughts (and last): I decided I was just trying to hedge my bets here and I should go with my first reading. So I firmly wrote in my notebook "nopes, it is going to be scorching".

So did it rain? It was terribly hot till 5 in the evening and then a shower which lasted for precisely 10 minutes.

What did I learn? Go with your first thoughts, but its not like they are end all. Practice some more... ;)

July 5, 2010

The Celtic Cross, its been some time

Celtic Cross, one of the most popular, very relied upon and comphrensive spread. And in all probability, customized by many of us to our own needs. When I got my first tarot deck-the Rider Waite, it was the only spread described in the LWB and so a spread I assumed as a default for any readings I did. But slowly, I admit, I moved away from it and it has been quite some time I read from a Celtic Cross spread. The, way I initially practiced it was in a grid of 3 X 3 cards with an extra 10th card crossing the center card. So the layout was essentially a a square.

Today after a long long time, I did a celtic card spread. Instead of asking a question, I decided to let go and let the Tarot tell me what I need to know/learn most at this point of time. And here is what I got...

BIG PICTURE: There is some news awaiting and which I will get to know soon (3 pentacles). Chances are this is something I have been hoping for since long (7 cups). This same news can be detrimental if I act upon it rashly (knight wands). Most likely, it concerns my husband directly or will effect him significantly. The future has some promising prospects in store but it will involve some significant choices to be made (two of pentacles/chariot). This is reemphasized by Justice in the outcome card which seems to say that pros and cons will have to be weighed and a course of action will have to be decided on.

July 1, 2010

Shadowscape tarot: I really want my own deck but I think I will wait

Oh! was my first reaction as I saw the cards on the artist's website. Breathtakingly beautiful and full of detail. It feels as if I can touch the figures or maybe enter their world? And when I look at the 2 of cups card above I know seem to know exactly what the characters are feeling. The way they are looking at each other tells it all. I sigh. I am determined to have my own deck. I research the web. I read the reviews at amazon. Maybe I can order the special edition. But the reviews on the small cards and thin card stock play back at me. I know I want these cards to be large when I read them. And I know I will just have to wait until the publisher decides to re-print these better. They will! 

A reader at the Aelectic forum posted a link to the Shadowscape tarot. Though it has been published in 2010, it is quite well known amongst most readers as the artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law the has been uploading the cards as they finish on her website. The official website with large images of the cards and the artist's blog are below.

Shadowscape tarot
Stephanaie's blog