August 11, 2010

Objectivity, Objectvity, Objectivity

I find I am quite objective about my own readings, even if they are important questions. BUT, I find at times that it is difficult to be objective and rational about reading for people very close to me. Maybe because we all are very uneasy to see our nearest and dearest sad or hurt. So we tend to hope for the best for them.

I recently did a reading for someone very close to me, and at that time decided the outcome would be positive (ignoring the niggling at the back of my head). In retrospect, I can clearly see a very different story coming out of the cards. Clearly, I should have read the cards differently before. I would have done so for anyone else.

A career reading. Will firm X make an offer?

My interpretation before: They see you have the qualifications and are seriously considering your candidature. They will make you an offer, though it might not be exactly what you want.

In retrospect: They see you have the qualifications and are seriously considering your candidature. However, someone else will get the position (even though you might be the better candidate). You will receive an empathic reply but not an offer.


  1. Interesting. Your second interpretation is much clearer than the first.

  2. I think this blog has a lot of potential, I just discovered it but it is interesting to see how you interpret the cards! Can you tell me, what is the deck you are using for this reading and others this month? It has absolutely gorgeous colors; is it the Illuminated deck? Which copy do you own, a small or a bigger one?

  3. Thanks for visitng my blog Cher. I am trying to record most of my readings so I can go back and interpret from another angle.

  4. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment Victoria. I am using 3 decks interchangebly - Rider Waite (playing cards size standard deck), Mythic (1981 purple back print, large size) and Thoth (purple box, medium size.