August 22, 2010

Who is your Queen of Swords?

I recently met a lady at a meeting in our office. She is probably aroud 40 and working at a high profile post with the Government as an advisor. As I heard her speak, I was impressed. She seemed to know so much about every possible subject and spoke in an effortless manner. And she was very very confident. Most men I could see were in awe of her. And I thought..she is exactly a Queen of Swords. Sharp, intelligent, witty and confident.

Most of us struggle with court cards. I am no exception. Since a couple of months, I have been trying the method of associating someone I know to a Court Card. And I find that works very well as I now have a real life 3-D persona to relate the card to. Most people i find are a mix of cards. However, there are some which seem to totally fit a card like a frame. Similar to the lady I mention above.

Is there someone you know who fits a Court Card to the T?

Another, thing I felt was that Court Card personalities vary amongst decks. For example...

When I look at the Queen of Cups in the Rider Waite deck, I feel she is someone who is ofcourse emotional but even a wee bit nostalgic or sad from inside. Someone like...Jennifer Aniston ? (from what I read from the gossip magazines!).

But if I take the Shadowscape Queen of Cups, I think of someone who though emotional is a free spirit, filled with joy for life. Someone like...Goldie Hawn?

Cher Green has a post on Court Cards which I found quite interesting.

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  1. Interesting post. I do find it hard to fit people to the cards, because as you said most people are a mixture of different cards. I hadn't thought of trying to fit to celebrities. Fictional characters may be another idea.

    Thank you for the link back to my blog.