May 14, 2010

Exercise 2: My Tarot Profile

If I try and make a list of all the profile types (like my personality card, hidden card, soul card, year card, zodiac card…) I find there are just too many to deal with. Well, so as my exercise I calculated my favourite 3 profile cards. My personality card is 7 (Chariot), hidden factor card is 16 (Tower) and my year card is 8 (Adjustment).

My personality card: Chariot

If I were to look at the card as a person what would I read as its positive and negatives aspects? The Chariot stands for moving forward and the human will to go on in life. I always look for on how I can move ahead in life, no matter what. To keep doing what is required and what I think is right. But do I become too rational in the process? Do I build a wall around myself to maintain this composure. Do I need to learn to care a little more about how others might feel?

My hidden factor/teacher card: Tower

Break down the fortress of thine Individual Self, that thy
Truth may spring free from the ruins.

 What can I learn from the tower? Am I scared of change? Do I cling on too what I am comfortable with?  More than that is the combination of Chariot and the Tower telling me that I need to break away from bonds I have created for myself. Am I standing in the way of my own happiness?

My year card: Adjustment

The Adjustment is a symbol for the balance of contrasts, complementing one another and also the realization of cause and effect.
This year maybe I need to balance my actions and realize that what I do has consequences on other people too. I need to be honest with myself and see life in 3-D rather than my own glasses and act based on all I gather.

Calculating profile cards:

1. The personality card: This major arcana card indicates my life purpose, aspirations and lessons to be learned. It is calculated by adding date, month and year of birth. Example for January 18, 2001 the personality card is: 01+18+2001=2020= 2+0+2+0=4 . In the Thoth deck 4 corresponds to the Emperor.

If the double digit number is greater than 22 we need to add these again to arrive at a number lesser than 22.

2. The hidden factor/teacher card: This major arcane card represents the qualities I fear, reject or do not see can become my greatest strength. "Read more" below to see the chart to determine your hidden factor card.
3. The year card: This major arcane card shows the qualities I need to develop this year. It is calculated by adding date, month and given year. Example, for someone born on January 18, the year card for 2010 is: 01+18+2010=2029= 2+0+2+9=13. In the Thoth deck 13 corresponds to the Death.
If the double digit number is greater than 22 we need to add these again to arrive at a number lesser than 22.

Hidden Factor Card Table

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