May 23, 2010

Exercise 3: First impressions of the suit of disks

I took the Thoth deck and separated out the disks from ace to ten and spent a couple of minutes with each card. I wrote my first impressions of each card and what it meant to me.

Ace of disks
- powerful emblem of wealth and success
- confident creation of material aspects and wealth

Two of disks: Change
- differences of one whole being balanced
- completion of a cycle

Three of disks: Works
- action being undertaken
- wheels moving for creating results, may also cause some disturbance

Four of disks: Power
- confident authority
- stable wealth and power

Five of disks: Worry
- issues from various directions
- trying hard to maintain status quo despite disturbances

Six of disks: Success
- balanced creation from within
- outward expansion of successful movements and actions

Seven of disks: Failure
- feeling completely bogged down and lost
- getting entangled in a mass of issues and darkness

Eight of disks: Prudence
- efforts bearing fruits
- protective of one's sucess or good fortune

Nine of disks: Gain
- power and wealth amassed from destiny
- feeling victorious with material gain

Ten of disks: Wealth
- having fortune in place and balance
- stable well being in all manner

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