May 13, 2010

Reading: Marriage this year

Question: Will I get married this year to the person of my choice?

Spread and interpretation:

The querent’s present circumstances is overall a positive one. Though there are a number of factors which might not seem favorable, there are not major. There is a third someone who has an influence on the outcome. What is going against the situation is this person who is confused whether the marriage should go ahead or not. His/her mind is closed and s/he is not sure which side to choose. What is positively affecting the issue is that this person is at the end of his/her struggle. The knot might not be tied by the end of this year but certainly favorable talks/actions will begin.

Querant: Ms. B Cheer
Date: May 12, 2010
Deck: Mythic

Card 1: Current circumstances: Star

Card 2: Factors having a positive influence on the situation: Ten of Wands
Card 3: Factors having a negative influence on the situation: Two of Swords
Card 4: Most likely outcome: Page of cups

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