May 13, 2010

Reading: Career calling

Question: Will my career show some improvement in the recent future?

Spread and interpretation:                                                                                

The current environment at work is happy, with the querent getting along well her colleagues and team. The boss sees the querent as a budding worker, who is growing in her role. What is going against the situation is some issue/factor which is hidden and which the querent does not know about. The most likely outcome is that the querent will probably not get all she wants out of her position in the immediate future. But, in all likely hood, making a small sacrifice today will lead to better opportunities later.

Querant: Ms. B Cheer

Date: May 12, 2010
Deck: Mythic

Card 1: Present position: Ten of Cups

Card 2: Factors having a positive influence on the situation: Page of Cups
Card 3: Factors having a negative influence on the situation: Seven of Swords
Card 4: Most likely outcome: Hanged Man

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