July 1, 2010

Shadowscape tarot: I really want my own deck but I think I will wait

Oh! was my first reaction as I saw the cards on the artist's website. Breathtakingly beautiful and full of detail. It feels as if I can touch the figures or maybe enter their world? And when I look at the 2 of cups card above I know seem to know exactly what the characters are feeling. The way they are looking at each other tells it all. I sigh. I am determined to have my own deck. I research the web. I read the reviews at amazon. Maybe I can order the special edition. But the reviews on the small cards and thin card stock play back at me. I know I want these cards to be large when I read them. And I know I will just have to wait until the publisher decides to re-print these better. They will! 

A reader at the Aelectic forum posted a link to the Shadowscape tarot. Though it has been published in 2010, it is quite well known amongst most readers as the artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law the has been uploading the cards as they finish on her website. The official website with large images of the cards and the artist's blog are below.

Shadowscape tarot
Stephanaie's blog

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