July 7, 2010

Are second thoughts = hedging ?

Intution and gut feeling is what we should go by in tarot readings. Most of agree on that. But arn't there times when you look into the card for a few more seconds a tiny frown appears on your face? The card could mean the other way round too. And when we do that are we just trying to balance and be on the safe side? Let me take an example from a recent reading I just did.

I am practicing one card readings. So I did one last night on whether it was going to rain today? It had been raining since the last two days. (ok, I know this is not earth shattering stuff). My card?
Two of wands from the Thoth deck.

My immediate reaction: Nopes, it is going to be scorchingly sunny
My second thoughts: Peering more into the card, the tiny blue specks in the middle somehow caught my fancy and I figured , yeah maybe a bit
Third thoughts (and last): I decided I was just trying to hedge my bets here and I should go with my first reading. So I firmly wrote in my notebook "nopes, it is going to be scorching".

So did it rain? It was terribly hot till 5 in the evening and then a shower which lasted for precisely 10 minutes.

What did I learn? Go with your first thoughts, but its not like they are end all. Practice some more... ;)

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