July 5, 2010

The Celtic Cross, its been some time

Celtic Cross, one of the most popular, very relied upon and comphrensive spread. And in all probability, customized by many of us to our own needs. When I got my first tarot deck-the Rider Waite, it was the only spread described in the LWB and so a spread I assumed as a default for any readings I did. But slowly, I admit, I moved away from it and it has been quite some time I read from a Celtic Cross spread. The, way I initially practiced it was in a grid of 3 X 3 cards with an extra 10th card crossing the center card. So the layout was essentially a a square.

Today after a long long time, I did a celtic card spread. Instead of asking a question, I decided to let go and let the Tarot tell me what I need to know/learn most at this point of time. And here is what I got...

BIG PICTURE: There is some news awaiting and which I will get to know soon (3 pentacles). Chances are this is something I have been hoping for since long (7 cups). This same news can be detrimental if I act upon it rashly (knight wands). Most likely, it concerns my husband directly or will effect him significantly. The future has some promising prospects in store but it will involve some significant choices to be made (two of pentacles/chariot). This is reemphasized by Justice in the outcome card which seems to say that pros and cons will have to be weighed and a course of action will have to be decided on.

CARD 1: Current position: 3 OF PENTACLES: receiving some documentation regarding an award, or important credentials that you have received or will soon earn

CARD 2: Crossing you, what is going against: KNIGHT OF WANDS: mission and knows exactly where he is going. Sometimes this card can indicate the arrival of someone important coming into your life, or it can signal the hasty departure of someone from your life;
CARD 3: Foundation/basis/cause of the situation: EMPEROR: This man is very serious about financial security and has made the accumulation of funds his main preoccupation in life. ;

CARD 4: Past influences: DEVIL: past: Someone can be incredibly possessive and dominating around you if you pull this card out in your reading. Often they have a love/hate relationship with someone and it could be getting out of control.
CARD 5: Goals/ideals: QUEEN OF SWORDS: If this is you, then you may be being called to meet the challenge of your strengths and you will meet this head on regardless of whether this produces success or failure.
CARD 6: Future, most likely: 2 OF PENTACLES: A choice between two options. There is likely to be some good news or an offer arrives from overseas.

CARD 7: How you see yourself: CHARIOT: This card too is about choices. You may have to make a major decision around this time that will alter your circumstances quite dramatically. Do not resist change for that will disrupt the natural flow of events that are waiting to unfold for you.
CARD 8: How others see you: 8 OF PENTACLES: You are coming into a position of prominence. you are this woman you are coming into a position of prominence. If you are a woman and this is not you, it could be a new friend on your horizon.
CARD 9: Hopes/fears: 7 OF CUPS: for those who are psychic, this can be a very revealing and inspiring time when your hunches pay off in a wonderful way. Some benefits are there for those who listen to their higher self and follow the guidance to a T.

CARD 10: Outcome: JUSTICE : The time has come to reflect on the choices you have made along the way. This card shows that wrongs will be put right.

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