July 28, 2010

Reading: "When?" is the operative word

When will I go for my holiday? Get a pay hike :)? When....?

When I do tarot readings, of course I want to know if things will happen but most times I also want to know when. So I tried a couple of spreads to figure out the when. Simple 3 card readings to tell me if the event would happen and when.

Question 1: Scope of a new career opportunity for MM?

My initial interpretation: Well, there are some conflicts on at the moment. Nothing major but minor things you need to get sorted out before the "big jump". And the Knight of Pentacles with the Queen say there will be one. When? Not very soon as Pentacles is a slow suit. But with the Knight it won't be too slow either. The Knight will bring the good news and the Queen will help settle things by December.

Feeback from Taroteon: Since V of wands rules July 22 to Aug 1 and Knight of Pentacles August 12 -Sep11, chances of an important event in August are very high.

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  1. Interesting. I've been trying taroteon's formula but haven't had much luck with it. I'm hoping he'll get to the sample soon. I'm interested in see what he does there.