June 30, 2010

Purple Box Thoth Deck

I had been searching for a Thoth deck since over a year but with no success. In India, most bookstores carry varions of Rider Waite or popular decks like Osho-Zen. I finally lucked with Flipkart.com (a website to order books In India). I have ordered several books now and am very pleased with them.

Onto the Thoth deck:

With various versions and confusion about size and color I was not sure what to expect. But since I was not going to lose this chance I just went ahead. First the ISBN number of the deck is 0880793082. Most sites mention the box size which is useless. The cards are medium in size measuring 7 X 11 cm. I have been using my cards over the last month and like it. (they are smaller than my Mythic deck and maybe someday I buy the larger size but for now this is fine)

The card stock is of good quality and so is the print. The colors are bright and stand out. My brother (who does not read cards) was also very fascinated and said that they are beautiful to look at. The deck comes with three Magnus cards and a small booklet.

If you are trying to figure out which print version of the Thoth you want to purchase check out the below site. It tells you exactly what to expect from which print...

Choosing between the various Thoth deck prints

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