June 2, 2010

Exercise 4: First impressions of the suit of cups

Continuing with my exercise of learning card meanings and noting my first impressions of the cards, I moved on to the suit of cups.

Ace of cups
- channeling of all emotions
- an explosive aura filling up life with love and light

Two of cups: Love
- harmonious love in synchrony and perfect coordination
- beauty in balance, all colors coming together peacefully

Three of cups: Abundance
- joy and celebration from growth
- happiness to be enjoyed together

Four of cups: Luxury
- enjoyment in plentifullness in a subtle manner
- content and confident in an elegant manner in one's world of plenty

Five of cups: Disappointment
- things going out of control
- being on opposite sides even though you are together

Six of cups: Pleasure
- happy fluid celebration of life
- on the surface joy and happiness

Seven of cups: Debauch
- losing one's morals and values
- indulging so much in self and going down in it, unable to control the situation

Eight of cups: Indolence
- doing what one feels like in one's own way without caring about others
- feeling empty but not caring

Nine of cups: Happiness
- pleasure, celebration, indulgence
- light and light, but not from deep within

Ten of cups: Saity
- fulfilled emotions in all manner
- light, love and warmth from innermost core


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