June 10, 2010

Exercise 6: First Impression of Suit of Wands

My third suit of learning card meanings and noting my first impressions of the cards, I moved on to the suit of wands. I have been feeling the need to get a little more energy into my actions as lately I think I have been too emotional and a pushover?? :(

Ace of wands
- made me think of stampeding rams the flames reminding me of horns which seem to be saying " make way for us...we are coming!"

Two of wands: Dominion
- establishing control and power and being victorious in the process

Three of wands: Virtue
- making plans for future
- showing the softer side of aggression

Four of wands: Completion
- a cycle, movement
- everything being in its place

Five of wands: Strife
- struggle with one person trying to overpower others

Six of wands: Victory
-"Jai ho" !
- completion of struggle and being at rest after aims have been achieved

Seven of wands: Valor
- trying to break free
- rules are meant to be broken attitude

Eight of wands: Swiftness
- creative energy
- bright and positive way of pushing and getting things done

Nine of wands: Strength
- Sun reminded me of Aryans
- Establishing a prominent position over others

Ten of wands: Oppression
- a tug of war with one end trying to break free and the other end trying to contain cruelly

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