June 29, 2010

Exercise 7: First Impressions of Suit of Swords

Went over my last set of suits, the Swords yesterday and noted down my first thoughts on the cards.

Ace of swords
- clarity of mind and objectivity
- honesty and justice

Two of swords: Peace
- momentary relief
- two equal powers at rest

Three of swords: Sorrow
- cruelty
- heartache

Four of swords: Truce
- various factors coming to common solution
- one for all, all for one

Five of swords: Defeat
- plans going all wrong
- opprerssed from all directions

Six of Swords: Science
- joining various pieces to make a whole
- learning and study

Seven of swords: Futility
- trying to counter an oppresive power but not succeeding
- being overpowered

Eight of swords: Interference
- having others against one's will

Nine of swords: Cruelty
- without mercy
- attack mode

Ten of swords: Ruin
- destruction
- losing all

- fighting for whats right
- an "idealist"

- forcing to move ahead
- "a go-getter"

- clear and successful
- "a sharp diplomat"

- swiftly moving head with surity
- "a calm CIA officer"

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