June 4, 2010

Reading: Relationship in 3D

Question background: A friend of mine is happily married but some isues have come up now and are troubling her. She asked me for a reading for understanding their relationship. I have done this as an online reading from newagestore. I copy-pasted the phrases which caught my attention and then tried to interpret it from my side.

Spread and interpretation:     

The situation or issue is a major one is the life of the couple and sometime they will have to make a descision around it. The querent's husband appears to be in a peaceful and happy state of mind and views the relationship positively. The issues seem more from the side of the querent. It appears that she is confused about what is the correct course of action and knows that a firm decision needs to be made. Many cards like the Tower, Seven of Swords and Lovers indicate changes in life out of choices made. The querent should seek strength from her inner self and rely on her husband as he is loyal and steadfast.        

Date: June 11, 2010
Deck: Rider waite

Phrases which caught my attention:
The tower …. you may have been in a rut or felt unable to make new changes, and the energy of this card shows that somehow an event will occur that gives you the opportunity to do just that… be aware that for some reason there is a lesson or a message in the experience for you to learn from. Three of swords often mean a separation from someone occurs at this time or some kind of friction or dispute. It often feels quite tormenting … However, once the anger or hurt is expressed openly and each airs their grievances, it is usually only a matter of hours or days before you feel better again and the issue may be resolved . Ten of cups….joint project has obviously reached fruition and they are proud of their achievements and wish to celebrate in grand style. Strength …your strength and fortitude are about to be acknowledged and tested. If you withstand the demands made on your resilience and energy levels, you will come through this time with flying colours. Five of wands .. symbol of some conflict that is currently going on around you or is about to take place…. a lot of activity takes place and you can see that there are basically many hands on deck. Two of swords … decisions to be made. However all the facts may not be in at this point in time. Seven of swords.. quite often signifies a home move. There is a restlessness that gives the feeling of wanting to move on. Overall, your life now has the potential to alter in some significant way. ..Just be sure this is exactly what you want to do. You need to be firm and strong in your decision making. Temperance .. we are able to put things into perspective and bring some balance and harmony into our daily lives if we can just slow down a little and take time to see the beauty that is there all around us. You are on the verge of a new lifestyle and if you seek it you will find peace and contentment more than you ever have before. Eight of Pentacles ..If you are a woman you may be about to meet this man and he will be a loyal companion and a devoted husband and father if you choose to become united with him. He will be a good provider and keen to see that you get your needs met in every way. Lovers is the most powerful card in the pack for many and varied reasons. The desire to be with your special person can overwhelm you and override all logic or other sense of clarity. The Lovers card always brings choices. You can choose to love, or choose not to love. If you find yourself in a triangle situation, at some stage you will have to make your final choice.

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