June 29, 2010

Reading: Is this love? Will he, won't he?

Question: Gautami was looking to understand how her relationship with a friend might evolve, specially will her friend commit? They know each other quite well but are unable to committ due to various reasons.

Spread and Interpretation:

The presence of 4 major arcana cards and an ace clearly point out to the fact that they have significant presence and influence in each others lives. The hermit for her implies digging deep into herself to first understand "what is it she really wants" and then using logic and will to act in a clear headed manner. The Aeon for him implies reinventing and starting anew from a point which is re-emphasized by death which implies significant changes in his life in the coming 2-3 months. They have a romantic connection between them which is pure. While she deals with her own struggles (internal) and he deals with the changes outside (external) they should keep hope and faith about their relationship. They should also realize that it will be best if they "rise up from the petty issues" and start seeing the big picture.

Date: June 28, 2010
Deck: Thoth

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