June 6, 2010

Exercise 5: Entering the Art Card (MKG)

Entering a card: From Tarot for Personal Transformation , Chapter 1

I went through all the major arcana cards and picked out the Art (XIV) to enter as it pulled me the most. I observed the card for sometime before closing my eyes and imaging that I had entered it and was "in" it seeing what is happening and interacting with those in the card. My observations....

I saw... a large old fashioned kitchen with wooden roof slats and big iron pots on fire. There are iron spoons and stirers hanging off hooks. There are pods of garlic and some green tendrils. A leopard and vulture, quite harmless and friendly are roaming about. A lady is busy mixing into one of the pots while others are simmering.

It smelt of...herbs, mostly of ginger with some honey. The smell was strong and not particularly sweet. I heard...soft noises from the leopard and vulture. The lady was chattering and busy mixing. It was... warm and sunny. I could not make out the weather as we were indoors but it was probably a warm winter afternoon with the sun shining bright.

I touched... the iron pots while helpng to mix with large wooden spoons the thick brew inside. I was gifted... a cup of the drink  with the message to.. to live life with love and what might seem harmful or unpleasasnt might turn out to be quite freindly. The gift had qualities of... acceptance, love, hard work and cheerfullness. 

An affirming statement... as I mix love and light into life, friends and relations will welcome it with warmth.  

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